UK: Cadbury to certify Britain's most popular chocolate bar as Fairtrade

In spite of the recession, the Fairtrade movement made another step towards the mainstream with an announcement by Cadbury that it is to certify its biggest selling brand, Dairy Milk, as Fairtrade in Britain and Ireland.

The move will, at a stroke, double the amount of cocoa bought under the Fairtrade banner, and is reminiscent of Nestle's move to create a mainstream Fairtrade coffee several years ago. The key difference is that whereas Nestle created a new brand, Partners Blend, to carry the Fairtrade banner, Cadbury is mainstreaming its commitment to paying higher prices to producers within its best-selling standard product range.

According to Cadbury CEO Todd Stitzer, the company will move on to other products as soon as possible. According to the Guardian newspaper, the move will triple Fairtrade sales from Ghana.

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