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Useful Links

There are a few resources on the internet which can provide jumping off points for anyone seeking to gather a wealth of information about corporate social responsibility.

Then there are a number of sites produced by key CSR activists who provide a their own thoughts and resources which will be of interest.

Necessarily, this is only a starting point.

Business Respect. The sister website to this one, and the home of the Business Respect email newsletter on CSR - going strong since 2001. Go here for a great CSR events calendar, and CSR jobs board. Business Respect website
Ethical Corporation website Ethical Corporation - the print magazine and website that covers CSR issues in a lively journalistic style that leaves many others standing.
BITC Marketplace campaign. Focusing on responsible business practice on core products and services - CSR being about how companies create money, not just spend it Marketplace Taskforce website
BSR website Business for Social Responsibility. Probably the most high profile website dealing with CSR issues - bringing with it a considerable resource centre plus further benefits for BSR members
Small Business Journey. A coalition of premier organisations focused on support for small businesses has produced a route map for SMEs on responsible business practice. Small Business Journey websie
Business in the Community website Business in the Community website. BITC is the UK membership organisation dealing with CSR - representing a unique movement of business committed to improving their positive impact on society.
CSR Europe - the European CSR network. The site has been improved from the original ponderous slow-loader, and has considerable case study resources - although not covering the full range of issues yet. CSR Europe
World Business Council on Sustainable Development World Business Council on Sustainable Development. Good resources here, particularly with a number of recent reports dealing with CSR and reporting
AccountAbility. The Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability - the core site for the professional development of accountability practitioners and home of AA1000 - styling itself as the "water cooler of the internet", it's where employees of companies gather to talk - and share experiences with potential recruits
CSRwire. A regularly updated news feed - mostly deriving from company press releases on community investment activity
Sites from CSR activists
David Grayson David Grayson is a Director of Business in the Community, and has a long history of public work promoting social responsibility in business. His speeches and presentations are amongst the best in the field, available from his site for download.
Fabian Pattberg. Blog on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, along with a general interest in the use of social networks
Wayne Visser Wayne Visser is the author of a number of CSR books, and has now launched his CSR International resource centre
Business Respect - Email newsletter on corporate social responsibility

Visit the new Business Respect website: The new home for the Business Respect email newsletter on CSR. This issue:In this issue, we look at the Indian CSR law.

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