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Emerging Management Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility

So you think corporate social responsibility is a peripheral issue for your business? Customer satisfaction is where it begins and the bottom line is where it ends?

Well if you imagine that customer satisfaction is now only about price and service, you're missing out on important changes that are taking place worldwide that could blow your business out of the water.

If you think social responsibility is only a cost to the bottom line rather than an opportunity then you don't know your business as well as you think you do.

Use this area to look at the core issues, and make up your own mind.


What are the risk factors connected to the product you make? Which are the stakeholders about to boycott you because of the service you provide? Just what is the impact on society of your business, and how do you future-proof what you do to go with the emerging trends rather than be caught out by them? More >>


There is no such thing as pollution - there is just valuable resources in the wrong place at the wrong time. Are you paying twice for stuff you never use - things you buy in as raw materials and then pay to have taken away as waste? More >>


Your people are your greatest asset - or so you say. Do you really treat them like your greatest asset? Do you erect barriers to their development based on prejudice? Do you nurture their pride in the company - or simply burn their energy in every waking moment as they plan to migrate to your more family-friendly competitor? More >>


If you think you have a divine right to operate as a business, your local community may soon disabuse you of that notion. If you don't invest in the community, it may not provide you with the suppliers, or the educated staff you need to operate. If you don't build a positive relationship with the community, it may not be so supportive when you need to expand. More >>

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Visit the new Business Respect website: The new home for the Business Respect email newsletter on CSR. This issue:In this issue, we look at the Indian CSR law.

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