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This site is the personal website of Mallen Baker, a writer, speaker and strategic advisor on corporate social responsibility and the managing director of a web design and digital media agency specialising in CSR communications, Daisywheel Interactive. He runs the Business Respect website and email newsletter on CSR.

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Can the mere fact of reporting on carbon save you money?

(19 Aug 2015) They say you don't fatten a pig by weighing it. But apparently, according to a new report, reporting your company's carbon footprint can save you $1.5 million a year..
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Will the new UN development goals help or hinder business sustainability?

(26 Jun 2015) The original UN Millenium Development Goals expire this year. You may recall, these were framed at the turn of the century and identified eight key areas for action to move us towards sustainable development..
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What if action on climate change is impossible in a democracy?

(8 Jun 2015) A recent YouGov survey has highlighted the fact that in the US and UK there is a significant percentage of people who "do not agree to any international agreement that addresses climate change." In China, the position was quite different, with negligible numbers thinking the same. This was reported in the Independent as "UK and US main barriers to addressing climate change" which really doesn't get us to the heart of what's going on here..
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