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This site is the personal website of Mallen Baker, a writer, speaker and strategic advisor on corporate social responsibility and the managing director of a web design and digital media agency specialising in CSR communications, Daisywheel Interactive. He runs the Business Respect email newsletter on CSR.

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Should CSR be made compulsory after all?

(17 Apr 2014) During the first decade of the 21st century, it was pretty much a consensus amongst all but the anti-corporate campaigners that CSR was best if it was voluntary. Legislation is there to enforce minimum standards, but CSR is about creating best practice, and doing so in a way that finds the best wins for both the company and society..
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Will the debate on corporate lobbying grow up?

(22 Mar 2014) The Guardian newspaper recently carried an article that was absolutely typical of where the debate on corporate lobbying has been for the past decade. "Ten ways", it screamed, "big business controls government". And what followed was a list of various lobbying tactics and approaches that have had some track record of success in influencing debate..
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Are businesses mad dogs that must be controlled?

(2 Mar 2014) Sometimes I think we've moved on from the stale business good-or-bad debates of the last couple of decades. There are more business - NGO partnerships taking place, even with formerly controversial companies such as Asia Pulp & Paper. But the ideological tensions remain - and it's not as thought the problems feeding them are going to go away any time soon..
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