Has Volkswagen's cheating brought the CSR movement into disrepute?

(25 Sep 2015) A few years ago, I made a prediction that some time in the following five years, a CSR champion – probably a sector leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – would "suffer a scandal serious enough to add weight to the CSR sceptics". Arguably, that has now happened with the revelation that people at Volkswagen deliberately cheated emissions tests so their vehicles could pollute more heavily than legally permitted and thereby damage people's health..
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Can the mere fact of reporting on carbon save you money?

(19 Aug 2015) They say you don't fatten a pig by weighing it. But apparently, according to a new report, reporting your company's carbon footprint can save you $1.5 million a year..
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Will the new UN development goals help or hinder business sustainability?

(26 Jun 2015) The original UN Millenium Development Goals expire this year. You may recall, these were framed at the turn of the century and identified eight key areas for action to move us towards sustainable development..
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What if action on climate change is impossible in a democracy?

(8 Jun 2015) A recent YouGov survey has highlighted the fact that in the US and UK there is a significant percentage of people who "do not agree to any international agreement that addresses climate change." In China, the position was quite different, with negligible numbers thinking the same. This was reported in the Independent as "UK and US main barriers to addressing climate change" which really doesn't get us to the heart of what's going on here..
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Is it your boss's job to tell you what to eat and how much to exercise?

(27 May 2015) It is one of the most common clichés in the corporate world - when companies describe their workforce as "their greatest asset." A few years ago, socially responsible companies began to ask an important question: if that is really the case, why do we take less care of our people than we do our purely financial assets? As a result, a strong trend has emerged for companies to take an interest in wellness programmes..
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Ecomagination's 10th birthday marks GE's progress from polluter to pioneer

(12 May 2015) On the 10th anniversary of the launch of GE's Ecomagination initiative, it has been a part of the business landscape for such a long time that it would be easy to forget how big a gamble it represented back in 2005..
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The ethical dilemma of ‘pay to stay’

(2 Mar 2015) In recent days, highly regarded corporate responsibility champion B&Q has been attacked for what is described as a “pay to stay” request of its suppliers. It makes the company the latest that has been exposed indulging in what some describe as bullying - a fact that is all the more remarkable because its parent group Kingfisher had signed up to initiatives focusing on fair play for suppliers..
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Are we too dazzled by the sustainability leaders?

(30 Apr 2014) When people think about business and corporate responsibility, they tend to see it in terms of a one-way progression..
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Should CSR be made compulsory after all?

(17 Apr 2014) During the first decade of the 21st century, it was pretty much a consensus amongst all but the anti-corporate campaigners that CSR was best if it was voluntary. Legislation is there to enforce minimum standards, but CSR is about creating best practice, and doing so in a way that finds the best wins for both the company and society..
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Will the debate on corporate lobbying grow up?

(22 Mar 2014) The Guardian newspaper recently carried an article that was absolutely typical of where the debate on corporate lobbying has been for the past decade. "Ten ways", it screamed, "big business controls government". And what followed was a list of various lobbying tactics and approaches that have had some track record of success in influencing debate..
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Are businesses mad dogs that must be controlled?

(2 Mar 2014) Sometimes I think we've moved on from the stale business good-or-bad debates of the last couple of decades. There are more business - NGO partnerships taking place, even with formerly controversial companies such as Asia Pulp & Paper. But the ideological tensions remain - and it's not as thought the problems feeding them are going to go away any time soon..
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Have we found the route toward socially responsible tobacco?

(20 Feb 2014) For quite a few years now, I've enjoyed posing the question to audiences - if you woke up tomorrow and found that you were the CEO of a global tobacco company - what would you do?.
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Focus is key to effectiveness in CSR

(4 Feb 2014) Some companies become particularly recognised for their social responsibility. It becomes part of what makes them famous. And the benefits of being numbered within these ranks are obvious. If you can inspire people with your achievements on the cutting edge between business and society, people will trust you more. You will bank some serious goodwill for when you need it..
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Be careful whose example you follow

(22 Jan 2014) Back at the turn of the century, all the talk in business circles was of 'the war for talent'. Indeed, for those of us that were involved in the promotion of corporate social responsibility, the war was particularly interesting - since if the 'talent' concerned was committed to values not just to money, then the adoption of CSR could easily fit into this new mindset and gain strength from it..
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Will we really share our stuff in the name of sustainability?

(9 Jan 2014) In a recent interview, the green-minded CEO of Kingfisher (parent group of the B&Q do-it-yourself home improvement chain) Ian Cheshire, said that an area that the company wanted to focus more on in future is 'collaborative consumption'. The example he gave was getting customers sharing tools with clusters of friends. "It's a more sustainable model than simply using tools and then disposing of them", he said..
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CR Report reading for dummies

(23 Sep 2013) Marc Gunther (who writes an excellent business sustainability blog) recently wrote an article titled 'how to read a sustainability report'. It was full of eminent good sense, but at the same time highlighted exactly why the state of the art is so immature..
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Supply chain integrity - life or death for your business

(27 Mar 2013) Supply chains have, in one way or another, been much in the news recently. The wave of shock in a number of European companies on the revelations of horse meat contamination was one. In the UK, right now, people are fretting about the longer-than-usual cold spell resulting in possibly running out of gas. Oh, and as a side show profitable Laura Ashley have told its suppliers to pony up 10% of the value of any contracts with them to bolster those profits even further..
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Four emerging trends in corporate social responsibility

(8 Oct 2012) By any count, the world is changing faster than ever before. Human numbers are growing faster, and the impact of our activities is being felt in more and more ways. This change has profound implications for business, and means that the world of CSR - or how businesses respond to society's expectations - is at the forefront of this change. So it's worth looking for what are the current trends and where are they heading..
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The Global Reporting Initiative is growing up

(25 Jul 2012) Regular readers will know that even though I have been a strong advocate of CSR / sustainability reporting I have been a GRI-sceptic for as long as it has existed. Why? Well, in the early days the indicator range was a poorly conceived hotch-potch of measures that really didn't tell you very much. .
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Why your CSR report should be immersive

(9 Jul 2012) The vast majority of companies are missing a huge trick on the online communication of their social responsibility. They make a major investment in collecting the data of what they are doing, and then completely fail to get the value from that effort with the stakeholders that are most important to them..
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